Technological Innovation And Quality Management

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Technological Innovation And Quality Management

Systems and Capabilities

Since the establishment of the company, the construction of technological innovation system has made great progress, scientific and technological innovation resources are constantly optimized and integrated, the construction of scientific and technological research platform is obviously accelerated, and the combination of industry, education and research is continuously strengthened, forming a technological innovation system with industry characteristics, and those plays a powerful supporting role for the company's scientific and technological innovation and progress. At present, the company has formed initially to enterprise technology center , engineering technology research center, the core of professional research institutions which represented by post-doctoral scientific research workstation , technology center of the company which under the member unit and the joint development of industry, such as multi-level technology innovation research and development system, as well as decision-making, management, research and development, support the four level of technological innovation organization system.

Innovative Talents

Grasp the research and development of core technology, combining scientific research advantage at home and abroad, Sinoal has gathered more than 300 r&d personnel within the territory, including graduate and above in 84, professional inorganic material, material science, chemical, electrical, computer and other subjects, has formed a reasonable age structure, professional complete, perfect structure, research and development ability strong r&d team.

Innovation Ecology

Innovation does not originate in our own laboratories. We work actively with our customers, universities, suppliers, and the Chinese scientific community to harness the tremendous energy generated by diverse thinking and capabilities to drive the development of a new generation of products. We not only recruit the best talents from universities, but also launch a number of cooperative research projects in universities. Through the cooperation of these basic and applied science research projects, we also benefit from China's innovative strength in materials science and chemistry.

Quality Control

During the development and growth of the company, we always regard quality as one of the three core competitiveness of the company, regard quality as our life, win the trust of customers with excellent products, constantly develop the market, and achieve excellent performance.

Ideas in order to unify the unit mass culture, and make the internal quality resources play a bigger role, make the industry core competitiveness to play a bigger role, companies in the group set up by an external quality management, group quality management experts, each department quality management quality management committee of experts, is responsible for the promotion of the quality culture, system construction and evaluation, etc.

Sinoal established analysis and test center with complete facilities, equipped with X ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF), inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICP), scanning electron microscope (SEM), laser particle size analyzer (PSA), comprehensive thermal analyzer (TG and DSC), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and other advanced test and analysis equipment, can comprehensive check for new materials and related products and provide quality control and assurance.

Site quality management in production site as the object, the relevant factors affecting the quality of the product manufacturing and quality control and management as the core, through the establishment of effective management, strict on-site supervision, inspection and evaluation for the system and the information feedback system, and strengthen the on-site quality assurance body, make the whole state of process quality in the strict control in the process of production, to ensure the production site able to produce qualified products and excellent stability.